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Breakfast revitalized!

Cut through the morning haze with focus enhancing nutrients designed to jumpstart your morning.


A healthy mix of coconut milk, protein, caffeine, and a mixture of vitamins and nootropics to give your mind and body what they need to thrive.


Packaged in single serving packets, MOBIUS mixes easily and goes wherever you need to be.

This is breakfast that works.

Coconut Milk

Healthy saturated fats provide an energy source your body will utilize without the insulin spike.

20g Protein

The dual blend of protein provides the building blocks for healthy joints, strong muscles, and a sharp mind.

100mg Caffeine

Accelerate your morning with caffeine derived from whole, Arabica coffee beans.

Micronutrient Dense

Skip the morning vitamins with the micronutrients you need to feel, think, and work better.


Be at your best with improved focus and decreased stress with study backed herbs and amino acids.


Three medium chain triglycerides supply quick, constant energy for the body and mind.

B Vitamins

Build healthy nerves and support a strong metabolism with an entire B complex.


An effective electrolyte blend facilitates optimal hydration.

Easy To Mix

The single serving packets mix easily with water. Simply pour into a shaker bottle and go.

Give your brain what it wants.

Empty carbs and fiber just won't cut it.

Healthy saturated fats and MCTs from coconut oil team up with B vitamins and nootropics to give your body and mind the energy and focus they need.

Ingredients: Coconut milk powder, grassfed beef collagen peptides, sugar, Fibersol®-2, maltodextrin, dutch process cocoa, vitamin C, cocoa seed extract, L-carnitine L-tartrate, egg albumin (egg protein), calcium carbonate, magnesium aspartate, gotu kola extract, coconut water powder, natural flavor, dipotassium phosphate, potassium chloride, Rhodiola rosea root extract, sodium citrate dihydrate, ashwagandha root extract, magnesium oxide, caffeine (from Arabic coffee beans), guar gum, xanthan gum, salt, silica, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract, zinc glycinate amino acid chelate, dicalcium phosphate, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, niacin, calcium D-pantothenate, copper glycinate amino chelate, molybdenum citrate, selenium citrate, manganese sulfate monohydrate, pyridoxine HCl, thiamine HCl, riboflavin, beta carotene, chromium polynicotinate, retinyl acetate, folate, biotin, potassium iodide, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B12