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"Prime your body for anything"

Replace chemically laden energy drinks, energy shots, and energy supplements with Primer, an all natural energy drink mix improving energy, stamina, and focus.


The Mobius Nutrition Team

David Taylor


"In college I began organizing workouts for my peers after discovering my passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals.  At that time, I began using sports supplements to enhance my workouts, but was disappointed by the artificial ingredients.  Upon graduating with a degree in chemical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, I began formulating a unique pre-training supplement that provides better results than other sports supplements, without the artificial ingredients.  I believe that Primer is an excellent, and natural way for people to reach their fitness goals."

Michael Eichenseer


"A year and a half ago I began my journey into the health and fitness world after nearly a decade of life spent solely on a computer.  I began spending my free time researching and learning the optimal path to health and longevity.  I transitioned from a slouched and pudgy PC gamer to an athletic and healthy college undergrad by devoting time and energy to living healthy and being active.  Soon to graduate from the Missouri University of Science and Technology with degrees in 'Information Science and Technology' and 'Business', my goal is to spread ideals of health through the world and to cultivate and support Mobius Nutrition through my knowledge of business technology."

Megan Taylor


"I am a professional dancer with a passion for helping others reach their health & fitness goals. I have always been an active person; whether it be Yoga, weight training, swimming, Pilates, or dancing. I firmly believe that what you put into your body is just as important as maintaining your outer self. When my husband, and co-founder, David, approached me with the idea of an all natural pre-trainer, I immediately was on board as there is not a natural pre-trainer like Primer available. I am so excited to introduce Primer to everyone and cannot wait to see individuals start naturally reaching their fitness goals."

Lucas Taylor


"Throughout high school I played competitive rugby and football. Exercising, dieting, and supplementation become a large part of my daily routine. I soon found that my supplements all contained multiple harmful chemicals. After talking with David I discovered that we share a similar dislike of artificial ingredients, especially in our supplements. I am excited about Primer because it will not only increase my physical performance, but also my mental acuteness. All the while being made of only natural ingredients that won't harm my body."